Chiropractic maintenance care is treatment received in order to prevent future pain or health problems, prevent a relapse, and to improve quality of life.  Maintenance care is elective, so that means that the choice is yours.
Research shows that more regular chiropractic treatment can prevent degenerative changes (arthritis) from developing.  There are many other benefits that patients report:

1.  Better sleep quality – many patients sleep longer and more soundly after an adjustment.
2. Better digestive health – many patients report less indigestion, heartburn, and bowel irregularity after a chiropractic adjustment.
3. Less colds, flu and infections – chiropractic adjustments “heighten” the function of the immune system.
4. Less muscle spasms and numbness – normal moving spinal joints do not irritate muscles, or nerves as much.
5. Better athletic performance – joint movement ensures that muscles do not have to strain in order to move a joint.
6. Less anxiety – adjustment quiet down our body’s “fight or flight” response to stress.
7. Less headaches – many report less frequent headaches and migraines.
8. Less severe allergies – many patients report increased sinus drainage after an adjustment and a lessening of allergy symptoms.
9. Less need for medication
10. Better mental clarity – many report being able to “think better” after an adjustment.
11. Better circulation – Older patients or sedentary patients report feeling like they have better circulation after receiving treatment.
12. Easier to Breathe


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