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We value our patients' experience at Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Bruce Crabtree
Your Columbus Chiropractor

I had a Dachsund named "Ruby". She was a sweetheart. One noon i came home, she was so excited to see me and she started turning in circles, all of a sudden her back went out. She yelped in pain her whole backend was out. She pulled herself around with her front paws. I heard about Dr Crabtree working with animals. I called him and he saw Ruby 2 times, she regained the use of her back and hind legs and walked for the remaining two years of her life, she was 14 years old at treatment time died at age 16. It works! I've seen the results!! Thank You Dr Crabtree

Bernadette Vrzak 12/03/15

July 30, 2015  WE came to see Dr. Crabtree for my 15 month old sons chronic ear infections and my 1 month old daughters projectile spit up. My son had been on antibiotics for 6 months as well as having tubes put in and his adenoids removed and had no luck with any of it.  He would always have a temp, runny nose, cough and drainage from his ears.  We were also only getting 30-45 minutes of sleep at a time.  We had a friend tell us about Dr. Crabtree and at this point we were up to try anything which I am so glad we did with my daughter she has had projectile spit up since she was born.  We figured it wouldn’t hurt to try having her see Dr. Crabtree as well. 

My son had not had anymore ear infections.  It has been wonderful to have a happy, healthy child.  He is also sleeping 10-12 hours a night! My daughter no longer had projectile spit up.  I am so grateful.

Heather Menn for Diesel and Darby Menn 

7/6/2015  I have had many injuries to my right hip, leg, and foot.  Thinking it was "just arthritis I suffered for 10-12 years, until I finally fell and hurt my hip again, causing my legs to hurt and keep me awake at night, taking 4-8 Ibuprofen a day.  Described my symptoms to a friend and she said try a chiropractor!  After my first appointment and he adjusted a disc in my back I could finally bend my leg and had more mobility.  After several more treatments and neck adjustments, I can turn my neck without stiffness and pain.  I'm feeling really good!  Better than I have in a long time.  Able to go for walks without pain and bend my knee.  Linda Bordy

6/22/15 Our daughter was wetting her bed and having multiple accidents during the day.  We heard that Dr. Crabtree could realign her pelvis and prevent her from having accidents.  Instantly, she stopped having accidents and wetting her bed.  If/when she started having accidents, we brought her back to see Dr. Crabtree and again it was instantly better.  Morgan Aldag

3/15/15 I had heard that he was an excellent Chiropractor and had given up on the "aspirin" approach from the majority of Chiropractors.  After about 4 months, my husband said, "Have you noticed you're never sick anymore?"  Before this I was always down with something- flu - cold - cancker sores.  Now, with the proper supplements and the exceptional care Dr. Crabtree provided, I am 85 years old and need NO medications and am enjoying a full, healthy life.  Thanks to you, Doctor!!!  J. Jane Sorensen

3/26/14 My right hand was numb, plus it tingled painfully at times - sometimes enough to wake me at night.  I couldn't pick up a pen, use scissors, button my blouse, work at the computer, open the milk bottles, etc. etc.  After a series of treatments at Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, at first, there was only minimal temporary relief and I was ready to give up.  Then one day I could honestly say there were longer periods of relief.  Next visit the relief was significant.  Next visit my hand was pretty much back to normal and is staying that way.  Thank you Dr. Crabtree!       Donna Pearson

3/3/2014 I was experiencing severe lower back pain for several days after painting a room in our home.  The pain became so intense that I could hardly move and needed to be driven to my appointment with Dr. Crabtree.  After several visits the pain was much less severe and in only a little over two weeks, I was almost pain free!  Dr. Crabtree and his staff were very professional and caring.  I am very satisfied with the treatment I received.  Angie Ramsier

Animal Testimony - 12/18/2013 From Aaron and Molly Zavitz -- owners of Beckett -  (dog) Chihuahua Patient

We sought Dr. Crabtree's care because we have a Chihuahua (Beckett) that has been dealing with allergies which cause severe skin issues, ear infections and itching.  He had sores that would not heal, hot spots, hair loss, reoccurring staph infections on his skin an constant ear infections, requiring him to need constant antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids for his ears.  We had been dealing with this for at least 3 years, and have spent a lot of time and money on both traditional and natural vets to no avail.  Beckett was miserable, itchy to the point he'd chew the pads off of his feet and he smelled bad due to the infections.  He would get worse from the chemical shampoos and treatments the vets recommended, and I hate using these harsh medicines, as I know they were having an effect on his already weak immune system.  I was making homemade dog food and trying everything to get him better, but it just kept getting worse and we've been desperate for some help for him.  A family member recommended Dr. Crabtree.  Years ago, I had taken a different dog to Kansas to a chiropractor, so I was ecstatic to find there was a chiropractor in Nebraska licensed to treat dogs.

Dr. Crabtree was able to "muscle" test the dog food samples, treats, vegetables and shampoos that I brought in to see what he was sensitive too.  This was a huge help as we immediately found out he was allergic to may of the proteins we had been feeding him and were able to find foods that were okay to let him eat.  Dr. Crabtree adjusted him, did cold laser and foot bath, as well as put him on nutritional supplements specific to his needs.  This all started to turn the tide by healing him from the inside out.  After a few months his hair started to grow back and the angry red sores healed up on his belly, the crusty spots of staph infection healed and hair grew back.  He had a relapse when the seasons changed - due to seasonal allergies.  But, two visits to Dr. Crabtree turned that around without needing the antibiotics.  It seems that he needs to get adjusted and have the laser and foot treatments every 6 weeks to maintain this new improved level of health.

The results that Dr. Crabtree has gotten has been the difference in our dog's life that we sought.  He is mostly free of the harmful drugs, he has more energy and isn't itching and biting at himself, and I have the tools to maintain this level of health for him.  I appreciate Dr. Crabtree's expertise and his desire to offer real chiropractic care to animals.  I would recommend Dr. Crabtree to anyone seeking help for their pet/animals, especially for skin and allergies because the 'muscle' testing alone to eliminate allergies is worth it.  Our dog also needed the chiropractic adjustments for his back and neck, which I believe also has contributed to Beckett being happier and healthier.  Only a chiropractor that is licensed to adjust pets can bring this kind of relief, because we had tried two different vets that had taken courses in adjusting but it is not the same as an adjustment by a chiropractor.

3/242013 Karen Stuart   ----- I had stopped taking my Cymbalta under the care of another chiropractor.  This sent my body into a tailspin where for 6 weeks I could not eat or sleep.  I was vomiting and shaking violently - none of the tests by doctors and hospitals showed an internal issue.  One of my friends suggested I see Dr. Crabtree because on top of everything else, I developed a cold.  I had lost 15 lbs in one month, used all my sick leave at work, and had to rely on friends and family to take care of me.  I was basically living on broth and pedilite.  After being treating by Dr. Crabtree, I had a complete turn around!  My weight stopped dropping and I've gained about 5 lbs now and able to exercise.  I can eat regularly and sleep great.  I have energy and strength physically and emotinally.  I have come through this trial with the help of Dr. Crabtree and am much closer in my relationship with God because of it! Just like in James 1:2-3.

I have had back pain and bad headaches for 8 years and it is worse while pregnant.  I had tried another chiropractor in town and got no relief, so I asked around and got a lot of referals for Dr. Crabtree.  My results have been amazing - I have been seen three times and I feel so much better and no more headaches and the pressure in my low back has gone away.  Stephanie Egglie

I have both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and came to Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic to specifically address the osteoarthritis in 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae. I received Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Crabtree and massage therapy from Rachel resulting in a significant change in my neck and back. My range of motion expanded and my pain level dropped. Additionally, the numbness in my hand improved. I am pleased to see that this treatment increased my quality of life. Lois Smith 11/16/12

 I chose Dr. Crabtree because I wanted a doctor who practiced natural medicine as a cure; meaning whole food substances and herbs instead of drugs. Someone who treats the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. I had heard that he was the kind of doctor I might be looking for.

When I first came to Dr. Crabtree, I hurt all over. I had difficulty walking, I couldn't raise my arms above shoulder level, I had back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain. I had high blood pressure an dwas extremely stressed out. Today I am 90% better, my pain levels have gone from a 10 down to a 2 or 3. My blood pressure is almost in the normal range again, my stress levels are way down, and I am a much happier and healthier person; all this was accomplished without drugs. Thank you Dr. Crabtree! I feel great most days! Karen Moore 10-22-2012

On August 22, I fell off the step stool I used when I picked pole beans in my garden.  I was on the top rung when the leg of the step stool sank into the soil. I fell backwards and hit my head on the wooden timber bordering the vegetable garden.  I was a mess hurting all over and did not want to get out of bed the next morning.

The next day after I fell I got an appointment to see Dr. Crabtree, because I thought maybe he could make me feel a little bit better.  Well, he adjusted my hand, back and neck, gave me a cold laser treatment from head to toes and percussion treatment to loosen up the muscles in my back.  After the treatment I was not stiff and sore anymore. I have black and blue bruises up and down my leg, back and arm, but NO STIFFNESS AND HURTING.  Michaela Tate 08-28-2012

 I was tired of feeling exhausted and crabby all of the time.  I also had issues with pain when I sat too long.

The nutrition that was given to me has been the most amazing thing I have ever taken.  It took about 6 months to start to see a difference but things don't seem to upset me as much anymore.  I have been able to lower my estrogen dose from 2 mg to .5 mg.  Sitting is easier!!  I lost my dad a little over a year ago.  It was a very difficult time and still is, but I honestly believe that I get through the rough days because of the nutrition that I am taking.  It keeps me balanced and able to take on stress and not let it get to me.  Keeping myself adjusted also helps and just give me an overall good feeling.  Tracy Kracl 8-29-12

Our 2 month old son was very fussy.  Was always stiff.  Tired lots of different formulas, couple of different doctors and some different meds.  NOTHING worked.  He never slept and cried pretty much 24 hours a day.  After receiving care at Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, he is a whole new baby.  He's not so stiff, he's happy and he doesn't cry all the time.  He sleeps better.  You have helped him out so much.   Nancy Novak  8/13/12

I was having trouble urinating at night.  I had to get up 3-4 times a night. Dr. Crabtree put me on a supplement and within a couple of days I did not have to get up at all.  Alvin Wellman 7/9/12

I had fungus on my toes.  They looked dry and scaley and were very itchy.  After one laser treatment, I have not noticed any more itching and the skin looks much better.  Wow, only 1 laser treatment.  Lisa Windedahl 5/23/12

For the past four years, I have battled with my depression and had been on three anti-depressant medications and two anxiety medications.  Within these four years, I experienced horrible side effects and really didn't notice any difference in my depression.  Dr. Crabtree tested me for my hormones and I was introduced to a nutrition called Symplex F.

After only two months of taking the Symplex F, I am very happy to say after four years of being on all the prescription medicines, I now am only taking one anti-depressant medicine and all the rest is all credited to Symplex F nutrition.  I feel so much better, have no nasty side effects, and don't have to be concerned about abusing my own body from a bunch of prescription  medications.  Thanks so much Dr. Crabtree.


My Charge came to Avenue Chirpropactic & Wellness Clinic for leg/hip issues and to gain mental focus.  Leg issues were very satisfying.  Walking and foot placement were improved as attested by family physician.  He has been using the Mind Spa for several months --when coming weekly, my charge was focused and in a great mood.  When Mind Spa was missed, focus was scattered and concentration was very difficult.


Lack of energy, bloating, shoulder pain and problems sleeping.  After a couple of weeks on AF Betafood and AC Carbamide, my shoulder pain has been significantly reduced and I am sleeping much better.  Also, my energy level has just exploded.

B. Wacker

I had knee replacements done on both knees.  Due to scar tissue, I don't have a good bend in either.  Have around 53 degree on left and 55 degree on right - makes walking difficult, limits on what I can do.  My left knee was done twice.  Doctors told me theres nothing more they could do for me.  I heard about Dr. Crabtree's treatments and met with him.  He's doing cold laser, percussion and adjustments.  Within two days, I was able to move a little easier.  Walking is much easier.  I don't need to walk with a cane.  I can walk a longer distance than I could before.  Don't have the pain like I previously had.  Dr. Crabtree and his staff are very supportive and very friendly.  I would and do recommend these treatments for others with similar problems.  

Cathy Folken

"In 2002 my dad approached me and asked if I had ever been to a chiropractor.  I said yes and my dad asked me to make an appointment with Dr. Crabtree.  I was a very sick woman at the time.  Among other things, I lived with two conditions, mild spastic cerebral palsy, and fibromyalgia.  My life was not a life at all.  I lived from bed to bathroom, to my recliner.  I was taking three - four naps a day and I slept all night.  I could only crochet two inches a day.  I was getting to the point where I no longer wanted to go on living.  On April 30, 2002 I went for my first appointment with Dr. Crabtree.  My mind was fuzzy.  I could not interact in a conversation.  I was falling asleep in the waiting room and exam room.  Since then, Dr. Crabtree and his staff have cared so much.  As of today, July 23, 2003, I am a totally different person.  I have lost 101 pounds on a high protein, low carb diet.  My energy level is far better today than when I first came in.  Food supplements, cold laser, percussing, and chiropractic adjustments have not only helped my posture, it has allowed me to live life again.  All in all, I have a much brighter and happier life. "

"I had severe pain in the right wrist due to major surgery and lost mobility in my right wrist. After treatment from Dr. Crabtree I have regained mobility and restored use of my right hand."
-Chris Colfack

"My name is Cindy.  I am finding that my situation is not as different as I may have believed.  I am 31 years old and my husband is 35.  We were married 10 years ago in November.  After about 3 years of not wanting to get preganant we decided to give it a try.  Unsuccessfully.  After several years of heartbreak, medical procedures, and drugs, and a lot of money (our insurance, didn't cover anything).  In fact I was labeled infertile and my entire history was audited to make sure they didn't pay for anything from years before that maybe they shouldn't have.  We were never given a reason why we weren't able to conceive, however the fact remains that we couldn't.  I was monitored so closely as to when the exact minute I was ovulating and the procedures were done at that time along with shots and oral drugs.  Literally, my life revolved around my period and when I was ovulating.  These procedures were in Omaha, which is about 2 hours from home.  This involved a lot of missed days from work for both my husband and I.  Unfortunately, these procedures were all in vain.  After we had been told by our specialist that he had done everything he could do, he referred me on to even bigger and more expensive alternatives.  The earliest appointment was exactly 10 month away.  That tells you how many couples are facing similar situations to what we were.  I was told by a friend her successful story relating to pregnancy and how chiropractic benefited her situation.  Not being a stranger to the Chiropractic Philosophy, I decided to give it a try.  My husband and I went to see Dr. Crabtree in August of 1999.  I found out I was pregnant in November 1999.  You can't imagine how incredibly shocked I was.  After 7 years of disappointment.  I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have never had a bit of morning sickness, excessive fatigue, or fluid retention.  (All of which I expected because my mother had a terrible time with all three of her pregnancies.)  Dr. Crabtree has a full line of prenatal food supplements.  I checked them all out with my OB/GYN and honestly if he would have said "Cindy, absolutely not, I'm going to prescribe you a prenatal vitamin," I wouldn't have listened to what he said.  Thank God he said that he had seen this brand before and you can't beat them.  It will ultimately cost you more, but it is well worth it.  So, that is exactly what I chose to do and have never regretted it.  I am a registered dietetic technical and fueling my body with an all natural food supplement vs. a manufactured chemical is the best decision I could have made.  I have been closely monitored by my OB/GYN throughout this entire pregnancy and he is absolutely amazed.  We are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of our little girl around July 7.  We never thought that this day would come for us.  For 7 years I was unable to talk about my problems.  When it seemed so easy for everyone else to get pregnant I felt that no one could possibly understand what we were going through. "

"We had been seeing a specialist for my son's bed wetting problem with no results.  It was happening just about every night.  A friend picked up a pamphlet at Dr. Crabtree's office and we looked into it.  I'm so glad we did.  After the first treatment we saw improvement.  No accidents at night immediately.  He is much happier and so are we. "

"I am 43 years old and was having major hot flashes, night sweats, not sleeping at night, gaining weight and had no energy. My cousin told me about Dr. Crabtree and his staff. After 2 months I am sleeping all night and the night sweats are gone! The hot flashes are really reduced. Dr. Crabtree is super!"
-April Reese

"My story starts in March 1997, when my feet swelled to the point I couldn't walk. My family doctor did blood work and found nothing wrong. I've been to several other doctors, chiropractors, podiatrist, and physical therapy. The swelling went down after 1 year. A podiatrist recommended orthopedic inserts because I had flat feet that caused tendonitis, heel spurs, and plantar fascitus. I had some relief and lived with the results for years.

In July 2009 my feet developed a sharp pain and my lower back hurt with both arms sore with pain shooting out the fingers and absolutely no energy. I was determined to find an answer. Was my back pain causing my feet problem or was my feet causing my back pain? A friend mentioned Dr. Crabtree and I had seen his advertisement in the Columbus Telegram. So I made an appointment.

My appointment was July 7, 2009. He asked, "What do you do for a living?" I said I'm a diesel Mechanic. I'm exposed to diesel, gas, several different oils, exhaust fumes, steel, and metals. He told me my body was loaded with chemicals and we needed to detoxify your system. After 4 weeks of adjustments, nutrition supplements, and energy balance detoxify system, I was feeling a lot better. I'm on 13 weeks now and I don't remember ever feeling this good. Thank you to Dr. Crabtree and his professional staff for all you have done for me. "
-Dan Kracl

"I felt like I was constantly eating carbs all the time. I couldn't stop myself from eating them. As a type 1 diabetic, carbs are really bad for me. I was using at least 50 units of insulin a day. Then I started the whole body detox. After the 2nd week of detox I am down 10 lbs and cut 20 units a day of insulin. I am currently using 32 units a day and I do not feel the deep need for carbs. I do crave them but taking some nutrition specific for carb cravings has helped me stop the cravings."

When I was in high school. I fractured my tailbone. Ever since that I have had problems with my tailbone and back. One day I had a sharp pain in my lower back so I came in to see Dr. Crabtree. I have never felt better. I have been coming in 2 times a week and I have noticed a big change. Now I am able to do the things I could before without being in pain. Thank you so very much for making me feel my age again.
Shandra DeBord 

I had fungus on toenail/fingernails and Dr. Crabtree used cold laser therapy.  Process worked well.


I had a pain in the left shoulder area. I received several adjustments and also received help for other problems. After several visits my restless legs disappeared. I had suffered with them for several years - an unbearable movement of legs early each evening. Thanks to Dr. Crabtree's care and concern I am free of the pain and of taking medication.
Norma Busteed

"I came to Dr. Crabtree concerned about my weak fingernails.  So weak that they would not grow, and even the shape of my nails changed. They were flat instead of rounded on top.  I knew it must be nutritional, so I sought the expert in that field…He recommended some nutrition and the difference is amazing.  People now think I have artificial nails.  They are long, and strong.  I have proof, 10 of them, that nutrition works. "

After several medical tests and no luck finding any specific medical problem, we had our 16 year old son see Dr. Crabtree regarding his high blood pressure and chest pain that he had been experiencing for several months.  After only a couple of months under Dr. Crabtree's care, our son's high blood pressure has returned to normal and his chest pains during exertion have ceased.  We attribute this turn around in our son's health status to Dr. Crabtree's chiropractic care and supplemental nutrition program.  Thank you so much Dr. Crabtree for your concern and dedication to the health and well being of your patients!  We greatly appreciate it and all you have done for our family.
Tom and Audrey

I hurt my back working with horses and could hardly get out of bed for a few days.  Two visits and one week later I was better than before I got hurt

In the past six months before coming to Dr. Crabtree, I have had eight cortisone injections in my neck, one epidural, and a radio frequency oblation procedure.  All of these with only a small amount of relief.  Since I have had five treatments with the cold laserenergy balancer, and Dr. Crabtree's chiropractic treatments, I am able to do much more of my own housework, and some golf.  All with more energy and clearer thinking.  For the first time my pain pills ease the pain much more than before.

I came in with my left toe pulled out and Dr. Crabtree pulled it back into place and adjusted all my toes.  Now I can walk with my work boots on with no pain at all.  My toes are pain free too.  He is an amazing doctor and thank you for making my toe's pain free.

Our daughter fell on her bike at the age of three and hurt her pubic area to the point that she did spot some blood.  Soon after she started to leak urine.  We took her to a urologist that put her on medication for five years.  The medication was an anti-depressant which was very hard on her and even worse if we tried to take her off of it to see what would happen.  Not once did the urologist even suggest that we see a chiropractor.  We have been helped before by Dr. Crabtree so we asked him to see our daughter.  He saw right away that her pubic bone was misaligned.  He adjusted her for a few weeks along with a leg exercise for us to do with her at home.  After a couple of months we slowly took her off of the medication she was on.  For the first time ever, Katrina, did not leak when completely off the medication and she has been fine ever since.  Thank you Dr. Crabtree.
Gene and Kathy

Our daughter is six months old.  My father-in-law was massaging her back and she arched her back when he pressed on a certain spot.  She had also been constipated and her feet were always cold.  The next morning after the treatment our baby had a very big bowl movement and she slept for 12 hours that night.  She doesn't flinch now when Grandpa rubs her back.  Her feet are much warmer now too.

I had been suffering from allergies since adolescence.  About 8 years ago I spoke with a man who told me about Dr. Crabtree's Chiropractic and nutritional care.  So I set up an appointment and have seen Dr. Crabtree for preventative care every few months since then.  My allergies have continued to decrease with chiropractic adjustments and nutritional supplements.  In fact, they are almost non-existent now.  Throughout the years Dr. Crabtree has also been able to diagnose and treat several different ailments including prostate issues, chemical poisoning, liver issues, hair loss, heart and cholestrol problems, and general body stiffness.

My fourth child was born in November of 1997.  He was a very healthy baby until January.  In January we started dealing with croup and other respiratory problems.  In February of 1998 a doctor visit showed his lungs congested and I was sent home with a prescription but no real help.  I had questions about possible food allergies but because I was nursing the doctor basically said it was impossible.  I was getting very discouraged and frustrated.  A good friend told me "my chiropractor would say get off milk."  I took her advice and saw improvements within 12 hours.  We continued to have respiratory problems, which culminated in a trip to Omaha Children's Hospital via life flight helicopter in March of 2000.  This got us past a crisis but I still had a sickly, pale boy who got sick often and had a hard time getting well.  In  January of 2001 I began with Dr. Crabtree and have taken James in every month since than.  The first major issue was parasites and we went from there until now he is having his healthiest summer ever.  He's now able to have a busy day and not be sick the next day.  He can eat many more items.  He is happier and doesn't pick up colds as often as the older three children.

My daughter age 4 has suffered from reoccurring bladder infections and constipation since she was 2 ½ years old.  During this time, she has seen specialists, been through painful procedures, and has taken several antibiotics.  We were told the same thing from all the doctors.  This is something she will have to outgrow and endure.  She was also placed on a laxative that caused severe diarrhea, which was hard on her, both emotionally and physically.  She also continued to wet her pants, though not thoroughly, but enough to make her uncomfortable.  After going to the chiropractor myself, I read a pamphlet on bed wetting and talked to Dr. Crabtree.  He said he was willing to assess my daughter.  This was our last resort.  I was willing to try anything at this point, especially something that was not painful.  Dr. Crabtree performed Contact Reflex Analysis and made some recommendations for nutritional supplements.  He also adjusted her.  Since her first appointment and starting the nutrition she has not had one wetting accident.  She is also achieving normal bowel movements.  After her second adjustment she stated to me, "that felt good Mommy."

Dillon, age 9, walked with one of his feet turned inward.  He has done this since he was born.  Medical doctors said it would correct itself, but it did not.  He had treatments on his leg one time a week for about five weeks.  Now Dillon comes once a month.  It has corrected quite well.  You can hardly tell he had a problem.  He did use the cold laser, massage, stretching, etc.

Our daughter, Julie Anna, who is now 9 month old, has had eczema since she was born, on her face and chest.  My husband had it so bad when he was little that his mom had to tie his hands down so he would not scratch.  We tried different topical creams, but nothing would completely take it away.  After seeing Dr. Crabtree, he gave us Zymex and said it would take about 3 weeks to notice a change.  It sure has worked and the best part is no more scratching.  Her skin looks clear and great.

Amanda is 8 years old.  When she was 2 she started having kidney infections frequently.  She has been on antibiotics daily for 6 years.  Since she has been on Dr. Crabtree's nutritional program, she has started feeling better and has not been on any medication since November of 1999.

Joseph is autistic and was not speaking.  He has started saying a few words.  Real words like, cat, baby, shoe, duck, bean, and chip.  Needless to say we are ecstatic and hope this is just the beginning.  Could it be the Prost-X is helping?  We don't know, but it does seem an uncanny coincidence just one month after he started the supplement he has said more words in one week than he has in his whole life.

My son had bladder urgency and chronic bed wetting since he was an infant.  At 12 years old we brought him to Avenue Chiropractic to be seen by Dr. Crabtree.  After only a couple of treatments he no longer wet the bed and the urgency has ceased.  He has had no wet beds since and is able to do normal activities without worrying about his bladder control.

May 1, 2000 I was suffering from severe pain in my right arm.  I had sores under my arm and down the inside of my arm.  I could not get relief, Dr. Crabtree said, "you have shingles."  Many people told me it would take a long time before I would get relief.  As a result of chiropractic treatments and some natural supplements, the sores healed fast.  I had seven treatments and I am pain free on May 31, 2000.  I really feel with his care I will be ok, I am so glad I stopped in.

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 plus years.  I was to the point where I couldn't even function anymore.  I was in pain 24 hours a day and didn't have any energy.  I lost all interest in my hobbies, in doing things with my friends, and in keeping up my house.  I could only function about a half a day and then would have to sleep the second half.  It was awful.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Crabtree the pain has diminished greatly and I have considerable more energy.  I can now take a flight of stairs like a normal person instead of one step at a time.  I can now function all day for the most part without taking a nap.  Interest in outside activities and hobbies is returning.  I am sleeping better because I do not have as much pain.  It is just a God send that Dr. Crabtree and his staff came into my life.  I look forward to continuing my treatment.

I fell and twisted my knee.  I was having a lot of pain, difficulty walking, bending my knee, and had a lot of swelling.  Cold laser was used on my knee on Monday, I used ice on it that night and Tuesday.  Wednesday I could walk, and bend my knee and the swelling was way down.  The pain was incredibly less.

Five days ago I was having problems with my left leg.  My sciatic nerve was being pinched and my leg would cramp at intervals.  It had been hurting with only momentary relief so I didn't expect any changes even if I went in.  After my first visit I had no cramping for the first time in 5 days.  It was awesome.  Feeling was believing for me.
Niki - Athlete

I have been a patient for 8 to 10 years.  Dr. Crabtree has helped me so much.  When I came to him I had headaches, allergies, a slipped vertebra, and always fighting bronchitis and on some type of medication that made me feel awful.  I was a mess.  Since then I have not taken antibiotics except when I had breast cancer.  Because of a lot of stress in my life, I had chemo and gained about 40 lbs.  Dr. Crabtree helped me through that too. If it would recur I would come here to get my body well again and keep it that way.  I also started the cleansing program because even after two years I still have metals and steroids from the chemo in my body.  My husband and 16 year old son have been on the modified program too.  In just a little over two weeks my son has lost 10 lbs.  My husband started about a month ago cutting back a little and went on the program at the same time as we did.  He has lost a total of 35 lbs since January but he is not hungry on this program.  I have lost 11 lbs in just a little over 2 weeks.  I don't crave sweets and I have more energy and so does my husband.  My son isn't as crabby.  We are blessed to have Dr. Crabtree and his very knowledgeable staff in Columbus, NE.

Wrist & elbow pain, low back pain, and pain between the should blades.  When I came to see Dr. Crabtree my wrist and elbows needed much pain relief fast.  My lower back has had problems since I was 13 years old.  Being new to Columbus, I asked a friend if she knew anyone who could help me.  Her doctor recommended Dr. Crabtree.  I found Dr. Crabtree so energetic and after seeing him just once helped the pain in my wrists and elbows.  The back is the miracle.  I can stand straight after doing heavy lifting, which would have taken a heating pad and a handful of pain relievers before.

I had discomfort, heart burn, and feeling full.  I also have trouble with constipation and bladder control  After three month of daily supplements I feel great.  My heart burn is gone and my bowels and bladder are doing good.  I have lost weight, and feel more energetic.  I can't thank Dr. Crabtree enough.  Dr. Crabtree and his staff are excellent!

I just came in for a check up and brought my mother along.  Dr. Crabtree worked on my mother and he found some heavy metal toxicity and recommended some nutrition for detoxification.  She suffers from dementia or "memory loss".  After her treatment and nutritional supplements she seems more active and more talkative.  It seemed to make a difference in her personality.

I was seeing another chiropractor who didn't seem to be helping.  After the last visit to the other Dr. I crawled out of his office practically in tears from the pain I was in.  I found Dr. Crabtree and he used the cold laser on my back and I walked out of the office.  I went home and did a couple of loads of laundry and still felt great.  I've been coming ever since and I don't think I have ever felt better.  I can bend over to tie my shoes and do laundry.  I can get down on the floor to play with my kids and get up without pain.  I can do things now that a week ago I couldn't do without screaming in pain.  Thanks to Dr. Crabtree's care my kids have a mom that does things with them,  not just watches them do things.

I had a menstrual period that started and didn't want to stop.  I mostly spotted, but it lasted 16 days.  I was also starting to get hot flashes or maybe I was just hot all the time.  Dr. Crabtree recommended progesterone cream which I started during my last cycle.  Before my next cycle started the hot flashes left and have not returned.  Also the night sweats which I have been dealing with for over a year have also subsided.  It is nice to get a good night's sleep

I had severe arm pain and other doctors did not seem to help.  Dr. Crabtree looked at me and knew what to do.  He fixed my shoulder and then my wrist.  I like the diagnosis and results.  I have more strength in my arm and wrist again and I have less pain.  Now I have my arm back.

I sought Dr. Crabtree's care because I have cancer and went through the past year taking chemo and radiation knowing what terrible effects they leave upon the body.  I was seeking help to rebuild my body's defenses and strength.  I have felt very good after only two weeks of the nutrition that Dr. recommended for me.  The tiredness and weakness that I felt after my chemo and radiation has completely left me after just three months of his care.  The Energy Balancer has taken away the pain in my joints and has given me an all over good feeling.

My shoulder was experiencing pain as a result of a damaged AC joint and neglect.  The doctor was quick to make an accurate assessment and to recommend treatment and even a timetable to work off of.  He recommended supplements for a torn tendon which is now completely healed.  The shoulder pain has decreased substantially.

I felt physically ill for a long time, especially after my two surgeries.  I experienced tingling of my fingers, face, and feet and just didn't feel well.  My stomach was completely unpredictable and not normal.  My sleeping habits were not good and being disturbed.  I didn't know what to eat.  Dr. Crabtree sent me home with nutritional tablets and I experienced all the treatments in the office.  After one month of the supplements and changing my diet, I feel well and happier.  I'm not worried about my health.  We are now working on my feet and bunions as well as sleeping better each night.  I can eat good food and my stomach is in tune with me.  I'm sleeping sounder and looking forward to the new day.

I had suffered for years with irritable bowel syndrome (mainly constipation), some depression, psoriasis, and fatigue.  I've been going to Dr. Crabtree for about a year and that year has been the best in about 12 years.  With adjustments, color therapy, energy foot baths, and nutritional supplements I've rejoined the human race.  I believe the color therapy took care of my depression.  The combination of the treatments has greatly improved my other symptoms.  Just recently Dr. Crabtree has been working to detox my liver and that has brought great results with my psoriasis.  I truly believe in chiropractic treatments.

Antibiotics were not working.  X-rays showed emphysema first stage.  I do not breathe when sleeping.  I had to go on oxygen at night.  My feet had been numb for a long time.  Detoxification has been relaxing and after the first two times my feet are not numb as they have been for three years now.  I can breathe better and I feel like I am getting over my cold symptoms.

After three major operations in less than 12 months, I was tired of invasive procedures and drug stores.  I was tired, run down, and had a strange tingling in my finger tips, toes, and face.  I was tested for MS; at this time, the doctors have no answers.  Dr. Crabtree explained the after effects of surgery, nuclear tests, chemicals, and anesthesia in my body.  I feel energized after the foot treatments and taking nutrition supplements, body adjustments, and his wise advice.  The tingling has decreased considerably.  I feel better each week and will continue taking my nutrition and drinking more water.

I came to stay balanced physically and to improve my health and immune system.  One day Dr. Crabtree sensed an emotional issue.  I was struggling with a new job description.  Color therapy turned my emotions around.  I was no longer struggling and I began to enjoy my work.  In fact, I still do.

After having carpal tunnel surgery my wrist was still bothering me due to scar tissue.  My movement was still limited and was quite tender.  The cold laser has helped tremendously with more movement and no pain or tenderness.

I was run over by a fork truck.  I had a deep incision on the inside on my left foot and it would not heal.  I had headaches and lots of pain in my legs, arms, and shoulders and the pain meds were making me sick.  I hurt everywhere and my memory was awful and I felt like I was in a different world, unable to enjoy life.  I even felt like I would get lost in Columbus.  I now can enjoy life more and regulate my pain better.  I can remember better and enjoy my family.  My incision has healed and I am not scared to go somewhere because I know I can find my way home.  I can multi task now and I could not do that since my accident.  I know now what it feels like to feel good and handle my pain.  I walk much better than I did before coming here.  Dr. Crabtree finally got me off crutches and I only have to use a cane now.  I still have bad days, but I know that by coming to Avenue Chiropractic and having a treatment, I will feel better.  I finally have some energy and feel like I am a useful person.  I probably will never be the same as I once was, but with treatments I am close to the person I used to be.  I am so glad I found someone to help me regain my life and feel like a human being again.

I woke up and was unable to move my neck and was in a great deal of pain.  After 2 - 3 visits I felt 110% better.  I was not just feeling better in my neck but better in every aspect.  Looking forward to continuing visits here to maintain and continue to get better.

At age 75 I cane to see Dr. Crabtree at the advice of my niece and husband.  I was suffering with indigesiton so much that I could eat only baby food and not very much.  I had a feeling of bloating and a lot of belching.  Underneath it all I felt like I could die.  I think that is why they call it a gall bladder attack.  I see now that the gall bladder trouble has come down through the generations.  I also had polio in 1952 that has left me with a curvature of the spine, a short leg, neck pain, and headaches.  I have been able to keep doing my daily tasks, but have extreme neck pain.  Since Dr. Crabtree has been treating me I have been taking supplements to feed my gallbladder and adrenal glands.  I can now eat and digest my food much better.  One day I woke up and felt like I can live life again.  My headaches are gone and joints are not as stiff and achy.  I feel like I have more balance when I walk and more energy.

I have had foot problems, arch supports, and bunions.  The cold laser on my bunions have helped the pain go away and the sharp pains aren't as often as they used to be.  I had a week free of pain after the 1st visit

I sought Dr. Crabtree's care because I was having inner ear dysfunction and was not getting relief with steroids or allergy shots.  My neck felt stiff, and my glands were swollen.  I was no longer functioning to my fullest at work and home.  As a result, I was feeling down, stressed, and had anxiety.  As a result of care, my ears are functioning normally and I did not need an allergy shot this spring.  After having my first chiropractic treatment and being prescribed a supplement I felt a difference with my ears and neck within days.  I am now working fully at work and home.  I feel less stressed.

My lower back just killed me.  It was to the point where I had a hard time standing up.  Since I have started seeing Dr. Crabtree, I am not in constant pain.  I can do things and not worry about whether I will be in pain or not.

I had allergies, a runny nose, itchy eyes and nasal congestion.  Dr. Crabtree had me do a detox-cleansing for 21 days.  After the first week, my sinus probles were gone.  I didn't care for the cleansing shakes, but it does make you stop and think about what you are eating.  I feel wonderful after completing the program.                                                                                Lori

I had extreme pain in my achilles tendon, that traveled up my leg into lower back.  (It) affected any activity that required me being on my feet (and) dealt with it almost two years.  From my first treatment with Dr. Crabtree, I forgot about ankle pain - didn't have any.  (I) was advised by physicians that only remedy was going to be surgery.  I am a totally different person.  THANK YOU DR. CRABTREE AND STAFF.                                                                                  Lynnette

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